NYC artists create treasure hunt that includes free MetroCards

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- A New York City artist is adding some more color to the MetroCard.

And there's money on them, too.

For the past few Friday's in New York and elsewhere, artists have been using Instagram to lead followers on treasure hunts. Artists create something to leave and mark the spot by posting on Instagram with #fafnyc (for Free Art Friday NYC).


The artist known as zeroproductivity is using MetroCards as his canvas this first Friday in January. He has created five cards and some of them come with $2.50, which is good for one ride. He put them out at the stops along the L line Friday afternoon.

As reported by PIX11's Greg Mocker, the card in the Bedford Station was claimed within 10 minutes. An Instagram user posted from the Times Square station that the card had been found. Other posts indicate the remaining cards are no longer where "Z" left them.

Other artists left their works in Central Park.