Achieving your fitness goals

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(PIX11)-- It's the most common resolution at the start of every new year and if you're one of the millions who have resolved to stay or get healthy in the new year--2-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and fitness expert Ngo Okafor will be here with tips on how to follow through and achieve your goals.

We got a jumpstart on our resolutions t0 stay fit this year with thanks to two-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and one of the top fitness experts in New York City who just got tapped by Nike to help create and lead a fitness program that will revolutionize the way people train in New York City.

Ngo says the most important thing in any endeavor is to have fun with the process. And think one brick at a time.

Start with just 20 minutes of working out each day. Each week afterwards, adds 2 more minutes. Do a full body circuit.

Three rounds of 10 Squats,
Three rounds of 10 lunges,
Three rounds of 10 biceps and 10 triceps extensions
Three rounds of 10 situps for abs.

That's how you start out. Each week, try to add one more repetition to each exercise.

This should add about 2 minutes to your workout...etc. Keep adding to build up the endurance to get to 45 minutes of working out. Then you keep building til you get to an hour.

Ngo also teaches a new class called RAKA! RAKA! : a cardio-strength boxing class, which requires no equipment and is driven by up-beat and inspiring African music. Classes are held every Sunday at 10.30am, at Peak Performance in NYC. For more information, check out