Rose Bowl ‘dust devil’ injures three people outside Pasadena stadium

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PASADENA, Calif. (PIX11) — Three people were injured after a “dust devil” hit Pasadena stadium during the Rose Bowl on Wednesday.

The “dust devil” occurred in the fanfest area outside the stadium, according to Gary Knudson, CEO of Adsport. Knudson was able to capture the storm on video.

“The power it had to…lift up those tents and the huge inflatable and toss them around, it was really amazing,” Knudson told PIX11 affiliate KTLA.

Video of the “dust devil” showed people scrambling for cover as tents flew in the air. Some ducked for cover near cars, as others can be heard yelling.

Three people sustained minor injuries and a fourth person had a slightly injured finger. All four people were treated at the scene, the station reported.