NYPD officer being questioned in connection to choking of MTA worker

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THE BRONX (PIX11) -- A NYPD officer is being questioned in connection to an attack on a MTA worker on a Bronx subway platform, police tell PIX11.

Police Officer Mirjan Lolja turned himself in to his supervisors at the 25th Precinct in Harlem Thursday.

Lolja is under investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

On December 23, police say a 28-year-old uniformed subway conductor was shoved to the ground and choked on the southbound 'D' train platform. One of the woman's coworkers pulled the attacker off, and the man fled.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video fleeing the station.

"I almost had an encounter with this guy about a year ago," said Lolja's neighbor in the Bronx, Eric Taylor. "I was coming in the building, he didn't think I lived in the building and he was asking me question."

Taylor claims Officer Lolja was aggressive with him inside the South Bronx building they both live in.

"He started following me upstairs all the way to the fourth and the fifth floor at 2 o'clock or 3 o'clock in the morning," Taylor said.

A 'D' rider says that Officer Lolja should be treated like anyone else if he did in fact commit this crime.

"I just hope justice [there is] justice and you know, it's fair," she said.


Charges have yet to be filed against Lolja.