New York couple arrested after complaining about neighbor too much: report

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COOPERSTOWN, New York (PIX11) – A Cooperstown couple who complained about their neighbor on several occasions was surprised when they found themselves in handcuffs instead.

Paul Sohacki and Katherine Gannon claimed their neighbor Gene Ellis was trying to steal their land, the couple told ABC News’ “20/20” in an exclusive interview.

The couple owns 12 acres of land in Otsego County, while Ellis owns more than 50 acres. The feud began when Ellis’ driveway crossed a sliver of their land.

“He was redefining the border closer and closer to our house. We had to get the land surveyed and see who owned what,” Sohacki told “20/20.”

Eventually Sohacki and Gannon began filming their neighbor to prove he was trespassing and had menacing behavior towards them.

They covered their property with security cameras, installed cameras in their cars and even carried them wherever they went, ABC News reported.

After gathering enough “evidence,” they gave the footage to County District Attorney, John Muehl, who was not so convinced about their claims.

“It showed them actually committing a crime against him. All of these videos [were] the best evidence against themselves,” Muehl told “20/20.”

“They were eventually arrested when we actually had some independent evidence of a witness, who was able to confirm that the Sohackis were following Mr. Ellis around and taking pictures of him,” Muehl said.

Sohacki and Gannon were charged with stalking their neighbor. They never spent any time in jail, and eventually the charges were dropped, the station reported.

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