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Something will be missing from Brooklyn’s NYE celebration

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CONEY ISLAND, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- There's no denying the ball drop in Times Square is the signature way to ring in the New Year in New York City.

The problem is: everyone knows that.

About 1 million people pack the streets of midtown Manhattan each year.

Which is why, even before he was elected, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was counting down the minutes until New Yorkers had another ball-drop-like option.

This year his wish comes true in Coney Island.

"Why go to Manhattan and be squished like a sardine, when you can come to the Borough of Kings and enjoy the New Year's experience," said Adams.

I bumped into Coney Islander Bob Mancino on the Boardwalk Tuesday who told me he can't wait to celebrate the New Year in his own back yard.

"Too much of a crowd in Manhattan," said Mancino. "All our Brooklynites, I think it's a great idea!"

While people in Coney Island are excited for the first "ball drop" in Brooklyn, they're also a little confused. Just one day before New Year's Eve and there's still no ball hung at the Parachute Jump, the location of the celebration.

"Actually it's a good alternative. But physically, I'm looking for this ball now for two weeks to see where the ball is actually going to fall from," said Linda Utsler.

But there will be no ball at the Coney Island celebration.

Instead, they'll use the $2 million, 8,000 LED light display on the Parachute Jump to ring in the New Year.

The 10 second countdown will flash on the side of Brooklyn's Eiffel Tower before revealing a massive 20-15 that will be visible across the borough.

"The display can be viewed miles around and it's an opportunity to show modern day technology in an old fashioned event," said Adams.

The show will also include a fire-works display and performances by some of the acts at Coney Island's world famous sideshows.

But with no actual ball at Brooklyn's first "ball-drop" we asked the locals if they thought someone dropped the ball.

Utsler told me the Parachute Jump alternative is alright by her.

"It's beautiful, I love it!"

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