Generous garbage man returns gift card to family, gets surprise in return

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GREELEY, Colo. —A garbage man in Colorado returned a small Christmas gift to a family who accidentally threw it away — and now are giving him something in return for his honesty, according to KDVR.

On Christmas morning at the Edwards home toys and wrapping paper covered the living room — and in an effort to clean up, a $50 JCPenny gift card was lost in the shuffle.

The gift card, belonging  to Brenda Edwards, made its way into the trash before anyone realized it was gone.

But it wasn’t gone forever.

Jimmy James, who works for Bunting Disposal in Greeley, said he found it when dumping the garbage.

James said the card looked like it hadn’t been used, so he rescued it from the heap and handed it to his driver to check the balance. When he found out the amount, he  decided to go to the Edwards home and return it.

“It’s not a lot of money it’s just basically a simple principal that someone would take their time out to do something like that,” Jason Edwards said. “It’s pretty cool.”

Jason Edwards said he couldn’t believe someone would take the time to drive back on their own time and personally return the card.

“There’s still some kind people out in the world. I just think that’s awesome.” Brenda Edwards said. “He could have easily stuck it in his pocket and went on his way.”

James knows that would have been easy, especially since his wife is going through college and they rely on his income to support them.

“The lady could have used some new jeans, you know, that was real tempting,” James said. “But my parents raised me better than that, and I would hope somebody would do the same for me.”

The act of kindness was later returned to James in the form of an envelope containing $75 cash.

On the outside Jason Edwards wrote, “To Jimmy, Thank you for your honesty.”

James was shocked and beyond grateful.

Despite the money, James said the original handshake and thank you he received from Jason Edwards was more than enough.

Now he simply hopes others are inspired to do something kind in return.

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