Mayor de Blasio booed and heckled during NYPD graduation ceremony

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- On Saturday, officers at the funeral for Detective Rafael Ramos turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio.

On Monday, many in the crowd at Madison Square Garden had no problems sharing their disdain towards the Mayor silently as well as verbally.

Seconds after hearing "Mayor of the city of New York, the honorable Bill de Blasio," the Mayor heard a chorus of boos directed at him.

None of the boos came from the 884 men and women who were making up the latest class of graduates. This graduation was more somber than most with all the graduates wearing a somber black stripe across their shield.

Mayor de Blasio did receive applause during some parts of his speech to the graduates but also had one distinct challenging moment, the Mayor telling the graduates, "You'll confront all the problems that plague our society, problems that you didn't create."

At which point someone in the crowd yelled, "you created them!"  -- which generated a round of applause.

De Blasio did take time to praise NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton.

During his remarks, Commissioner Bratton said, "I want to talk to you cop to cop."

During his candid conversation, Commissioner Bratton had the ears of the entire building on his every word.

"My congratulations to you, my congratulations to your family, my commitment to you and to your families is, we will --- this leadership team and this mayor --- we will do everything in our power to equip you, to train you, to support you to be with you, because that is where I want to be. I want to be with the cops, because I am a cop. And believe me there is no job in the world quite like it," Bratton said.

Mayor de Blasio's communication's team sent out an email reminding the media that de Blasio is not the first mayor to be booed or heckled during an NYPD graduation.