Howard helps 93-year-old get new door

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EAST HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) -- It's well-known that the New York City Housing Authority has a huge backlog of problems with its apartments.

We get a lot of complaints about mold and leaks and vermin and all kinds of horrible conditions. But step number one is basic security. And basic security starts with a solid front door.

Marisa Oneto contacted us about her mother’s apartment in the Wagner Houses in East Harlem. Her mom has lived there for 43 years. Now, she’s very hard of hearing.

Back in November, she couldn’t hear the FDNY knocking on her door to make sure she was OK after the upstairs apartment flooded. So they had to break in her door. Ever since then, the door is mangled and ajar and looks like a target of convenience for someone with bad intentions.

That all has Marisa terrified. She says strange people have been poking around.

Howard: “NYCHA hasn’t come to repair it?”

Marisa: “No. They just put this thing here and they put a bolt on the inside, and it’s gonna be a month now and I’m very worried for my mother.”

Howard: “What happens when you call do they respond? Do they say anything?”

Marisa: “Oh yes, several times! Have made phone calls and visited.”

Howard: “And what do they tell you?”

Marisa: “They’re waiting for a carpenter. Waiting for a carpenter!”

Howard: “How long does it take to get a carpenter over here to fix a door?”

Marisa: “That’s exactly what I said. But nobody has any other answer besides that!”

So I picked up the phone and sent some emails. I wanted NYCHA to see the point: it would be awful to have to do a story about something bad happening because NYCHA didn’t fix a door promptly enough.

NYCHA told me that coincidentally the door was due to be fixed the next day anyway. Fair enough. The important thing is that it got done after my inquiries.

Marisa is happy that her mom has some security.