BBC journalist gets so high near burning pile of drugs he can’t finish report

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – Location, location, location.

As in real estate, the tenant is crucial in journalism – a lesson learned by a BBC reporter who shared a giggly outtake from a report he did earlier this year.

BBC’s Quentin Sommerville stood next to a burning pile of heroin, opium, hashish and “other narcotics” to report on a massive Afghan drug bust that netted nearly 8.5 tons of illicit substances.

But he was apparently a little too close.

Just a few seconds into his first take, Sommerville grins widely, giggles and crouches down. Soon, his cameraperson starts laughing, too. And subsequent takes were also rendered useless by a pervasive case of the giggles.

Several media outlets report that Sommerville posted the video to his own YouTube page, but a search on Tuesday shows it has since been taken down.

However, the BBC journalist made a cheeky comment on his Twitter account Monday, affirming the video’s authenticity.

“Always be careful where you stand during an afghan drugs bust,” he wrote.

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