NY lawmakers call for bulletproof police car windows

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Since the death of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, there has been no shortage of finger pointing, including the the Mayor Bill de Blasio's last jab at the media Monday.

"What you manage to do is pull up the few who do not represent the majority, who are saying unacceptable things, who shouldn't be saying those things, and some who physically attack police officers," Mayor de Blasio said.

But with two officers killed in the line of duty, including one from his district, State Senator Marty Golden is calling for an end to the political rhetoric.

Golden, a former NYPD officer himself says lawmakers need to take charge and work with those who protect our city to stop another ambush attack in the future.

"Less TV and more action I think has to happen behind the scenes with the Mayor, with the unions, with the men and women in the New York City Police Department," said Golden.

Which is why the senator wants to improve safety of cop cars by having the windows retrofitted with bulletproof glass.

"The FBI has had it for years on their vehicles. You go into any bank it's protected by bullet proof glass. So to me it makes a lot of sense to retro fit these vehicles."

Between the city and state, Golden says there's enough money to start retrofitting the vehicles in precincts with the highest crime rates.

But getting that done will take cooperation between politicians and law enforcement.

Right now that might seem unlikely, but Golden says it's necessary to make sure officers Ramos and Liu didn't die in vain.

"We have the ability to bring the city back to that height. Right now it's not the shiny apple it's been known to be."

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