City continues to mourn NYPD officers killed in Brooklyn

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- As signs around the city change from "Black Lives Matter" to "All Lives Matter" following the execution of two police officers on a Bed-Stuy corner Saturday, members of the National Action Network said a prayer and lit candles at the memorial of officers Rafael Ramos and Weinjian Liu Monday.

"We have to acknowledge each other's humanity," said Kirsten John Foy. "These were not uniforms that lost their lives, these were human-beings."

Just nine days ago Nysheva-Starr marched across the Brooklyn Bridge protesting police brutality.

Monday, she visited the officer's roadside memorial to protest brutality against police.

And for the first time in years she told me she felt cohesion between the cops and the community.

"I want to see this when I'm walking down the street," said Starr. "So that little kids can see cops and wave to them with such joy and glee. Not that we come here because of something tragic and suddenly everyone acknowledges each other. It's like what happened post 9-11. Everyone was regarding each other. Then we lose it, then we get it again, then we lose it. Can we just keep it?"

Amanda Fruitt-Gravesande couldn't put that feeling into words for her son Khayae.

"I can't even explain it to a grownup so it's even harder to explain it to a seven-year-old."

So she took him to see the memorial and found a teachable moment in a time of tragedy. That moment was captured in a picture with police officers.

"There are bad people, but there are more good people, and the police are the more good people," said Fruitt-Gravsande.

While Khayae probably has long way to go to understanding the situation, he knows a son lost his father and wives are now widows.

"It makes me feel very sorry for them," said the 7-year-old.

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