Former NY Governor Pataki slams mayor after ‘assassination’ of 2 NYPD officers

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Governor Pataki slams Mayor Bill de Blasio after 'assassination' of the police officers. (Getty Images)

(CNN) — Not too long after a man gunned down two officers sitting in their patrol car in New York City, the finger-pointing started.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley walked up to officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos on Saturday, and shot both in the head, killing them. He later used the same gun to commit suicide, authorities said.

Former Gov. George Pataki and police union officials quickly lashed out at Mayor Bill de Blasio, whom they accused of putting officers’ lives at risk.

Police officers followed suit, turning their backs on the mayor when he entered the hospital where the officers were taken

As de Blasio walked in, officers quietly faced the wall.

Ex-governor blames mayor

Pataki put the blame squarely on the mayor and the attorney general.

“Sickened by these barbaric acts, which sadly are a predictable outcome of divisive anti-cop rhetoric of Eric Holder and Mayor de Blasio,” the governor tweeted.

The governor was referring to the two officials’ support for peaceful protesters after the killing of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, two unarmed black men who died in confrontations with officers this year.

Protesters have taken to streets nationwide to demand an end to killings of unarmed people by police officers.

Before the attack, Brinsley made statements on social media implying he planned to kill officers and expressing outrage over the deaths of Garner and Brown.

“There’s blood on many hands tonight,” said Paul Lynch, before making reference to the mayor’s office.

Lynch, the head of New York’s Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, has vehemently attacked the mayor before and did so again the day of the shooting.

De Blasio strongly condemned the the killing of the officers is an “assassination” while Holder described it as a “cowardly attack.”

#BlueLivesMatter Vs. BlackLivesMatter

Not to be outdone, social media users joined the fray.

Users posted vitriol on dueling hashtags — #BlackLivesMatter for Garner and Brown — and #BlueLivesMatter for police supporters.

“Everyone who turned Michael Brown into a saint, the assassination of those cops is on” you, username @mattcale52 tweeted.

David Simpson took a more rational approach.

“So I’m saying #BlackLivesMatter AND #BlueLivesMatter AND #AllLivesMatter,” he tweeted. “Recognize racism, push for justice for all.”


  • Rob Parisi

    At a time when Govenor Pataki could have taken the high road and called for peace and healing in the community, he immediately sought to take a political shot on the backs of two dead officers. He made no mention of the fact that the killer also murdered his own girlfriend because that would not have fit into his “blame the Democrat” narrative. Is her life not worth mentioning? The officers died at the hands of a deranged criminal. Blaming someone other than the killer is shameful. Unfortunately, from Pataki, I expect nothing less.

  • ts

    Pataki turned out to be a good Governor. Remember the cheap, unlimited Metro Cards because he wanted to empower New Yorkers? I think it was $64. or &78. for a monthly unlimited! He would make a good Mayor for New York.

  • Boo

    I’m so glad our President got to go on vacation, because the way the country is right now, its not like anything important is going on. Happy Holidays to you sir.

  • Pearl Barkley

    Like former mayor giuliani, this is another cheap shot. Both of these former elected officials know that the problem of police brutality and murder has been around for a long time, after all incidents took place during both of their administrations, For shame!

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