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Social media reacts to 2 officers shot execution-style in Brooklyn

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BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (PIX11) — The shooting death of two NYPD officers execution-style in Brooklyn Saturday afternoon shook the New York City community.

The ambush comes amid controversial times between police officers and citizens after the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Akai Gurley.

Officials and citizens took to Twitter to react to the tragedy in Brooklyn.



  • andrew fusco


  • CaGirlsLife

    There is no way this man should have not been picked up at the tolls or bridges with the plates being snapped as well as his gps and using his cell; had LE in Baltimore followed up and truly looked for him; by cell phone pings and gps these two Officers would still be alive! If they were not because this was just another black on black killing ie black man kills his girlfriend, wtf was LE doing? How many cameras snapped his plate on the way to NY? how many cell phone towers did he pass how many pings and how many social posts…he should hv been caught by le in Baltimore and I’m furious that he wasn’t actively being sought in the neighboring states. It’s a huge failure to me and I wonder if the fact they were both black, if his GF in fact was….makes it even worse. Cell phones ping WHY DIDN”T BALTIMORE LE HAVE HIS GPS HIS PLATES HIS EASY PASS HIS TOLL PHOTOS AND SOCIAL MEDIA CELL PHONE POSTS? He should have never made it into NY but he did. This is poor work by the Balt LE dept, I stand by my words, I’m furious that w all our technology he was not stopped and I WANT TO KNOW WHY AND SO SHOULD YOU!! WE HAVE THE RESOURCES AND THEY WERE NOT BEING USED! I WANT TO KNOW WHY!! These two cops should be alive and it’s on Balt LE for not stopping or looking hard enough for him. Do you see the difference? IF HE was a white man who killed his girlfriend; I feel they would have been actively working this case, using all, tolls gps cell phone pings etc. But that wasn’t done and he made it all the way into NY across several bridges, with photo capabilities and nothing. No alerts, he was not STOPPED. And you all need to ASK WHY?

    • CaGirlsLife


      They take 1 of Ours Lets take 2 of Theirs. Balt LE knew he was in flatbush posting on social media, and these two men should be alive. We have the technology, we knew his gps his cell phone locale, this is a failure, we need to ask if he had shot a white woman, would there have been a manhunt? Because there surely was no manhunt today for him. IMMHO this is a huge failure on Balt LE…wait until his easy pass and plate snap shots over two bridges at least let alone how many tolls, this man could have easily and SHOULD HV BEEN STOPPED. TODAY. They knew he was in Flatbush. They knew.

    • Jim P

      Its my understanding that he entered nyc via train possibly Amtrak.. so tolls and bridges and ezpass stuff was out of the equation. I understand your upset though but its unfair to blame Baltimore pd.. Im sure they feel bad enough about the would have could haves.. quicker communication is the key between LE agencies across the country to help prevent future tragedies.

  • mike

    This is a horrific day for the NYPD and also the city of New York. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the officers who were killed. From what I’ve read this was a possible retaliation for the deaths of Brown and Garner. Also, the gunman in cowardice took his own life, personally i hope he rots in hell. This could not have come at a worse time especially when the police and minority communities are trying to come together. Every New Yorker should be outraged at this tragedy. The violence needs to stop, but also i think it’s time that we thank the NYPD for putting their lives on the line to protect us on an everyday basis. All lives matter, everyone’s life matters.

  • vinny lasorda

    two dead losers who watched while citizens were routinely victimized by the nypd and were cowards who would not speak up and report officers who do wrong. good riddance.

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