Pro-cop ‘Thank you NYPD’ rally underway in NYC

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) — Protesters have gathered Friday night for a pro-police "Thank you NYPD" rally outside City Hall.

The protests started around 5 p.m.

Both police unions say they don’t have anything to do with the event, and that it’s a grassroots rally organized by police supporters. The rally is expected to go until midnight.

Earlier Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio met with some of the members of Justice League NYC, the activist group that has organized a number of protests against police killings of unarmed black men, including the Millions March NYC last weekend.


  • hwy505

    “Protesters”? Really? I would call this more of a pep rally that’s supports a group of men and women that bravely protect the streets day in and day out, accountable for their actions – unlike the mayor and his spineless PC. Get it right WPIX!!!

    • Dee

      Thank you….I went to support the NYPD…..The Best Police Department in the world ! You are so RIGHT…DeBlasio is a racist/communist that is going to destroy this city…just as Obama the racist/socialist is destroying the country.

  • Gail

    “Protestors”…..really? PIX 11, this was a rally to show support….not a protest. A Thank You to the men and women in “Blue”. A “protest” is what the other group is doing……along with acting obnoxiously, being rude and annoying people with their ignorance and blatant stupidity.

    • Daisy

      It’s funny that your comment seems highly racist and that those people are protesting for a reason! If a black cop kills a white unarmed teen, you’d protest against cops too, wouldn’t you? Exactly!

      • Arak Bobama

        What exactly struck you as highly racist about that comment? And I don’t know about Gail, but I wouldn’t protest your scenario. In fact it has happened in the past, with no backlash.

  • jose

    I am glad they are having a pro cop rally. The police deserve more applause for their heroic actions. I’m a big Latino supporter for the NYPD. I still believe the verdicts in Ferguson and garner case were correct. The fact is when an officer tells you to comply, then common sense should tell you to comply. The moment you decide to not comply is the moment you lose credibility and that is the reason for the non indictments. If I was a juror , I.would’ve acquitted them also. We need to fix our communities first. I would worry about the drug dealers before I ever worry about a cop in my neighborhood. Imagine if the police weren’t here, it would be every man for himself. The more cops the merrier. The protestors most of them drones and followers don’t speak for me or many other supporting Latinos !!!!.

    • Nikki

      so you believe that any person who does not automatically comply with an officers demands, whether or not the demands are legal or warranted, deserves to be murdered?? Some awesome logic you’ve got there. How many white men have committed crimes far beyond selling loose cigarettes or lifting some cigarillos, such as planting bombs, threatening public space with weapons, committing dangerous physically disabling assaults, etc, and were taken into custody alive??? Mark Wahlburg and Timothy McVeigh come to mind, but there are countless other high profile white dangerous criminals who are given the chance to answer for their actions in a court of law, rather than from beyond the grave.


        Forget about using race for everything Nikki, had these men complied they would be alive today. The truth is you will not win against the nypd in that situation, if you feel you were wrongly targeted then there are other ways to fight, court etc. Fighting at that moment against a lawful order is not the way to handle things. The police are not randomly pointing their guns at people just to kill them,, please stop that non sense . They arrive at a scene because someone called 911 , once they arrive on scene their in charge, not you. If they tell you to put hands behind back, then that’s what you, it’s not suck your teeth time and start resisting, it’s yes officer or no officer. The officers have families like we do, they don’t know you from a hole in the wall, they not gonna let some guy in the street dictate the outcome, they gonna act swiftly to correct the problem. I wonder how many youth would be alive today is they simply complied. Many of you hate the police it doesn’t make sense but that’s fine, you don’t have to like them, but you sure damn will respect them when they arrive. A society that hates its police is a chaotic one. I support the NYPD they keep me safe, if I saw one of them in trouble I would help them, they are our peacekeepers. I am not gonna help some two bit drug dealer, I’m gonna help the cop. Ever seen your neighborhood and the killing that occurs within your own people but yet you blame the cop for shooting someone when they resist them, does that make any sense? I see people protesting for people with criminal records who continue to disrespect the law, doesn’t make any sense. The community will never get any respect until they respect themselves, let’s fight the real killers our own people who are killing each other To the NYPD. GOOD JOB NYPD, THIS LATINO IS A SUPORTER, BECAUSE OF YOU I AM ALVE TODAY. NOT EVERYONE IS AGAINST YOU , there are people out there with common sense.

  • ray

    people should be thankful that there are brave individuals willing to commit violent acts and risk there lives to keep people safe

  • Nelson

    No one showed up to support them. Google it.. There were protesters, but they were actually protesting the event. Ha Ha!!

  • JoJo

    I don’t know how my brother puts on a uniform everyday in an attempt to protect fat, unhealthy gutter trash thugs who, instead of getting a real job to support their famiilies, but instead choose to sell individual cigarettes on the street and then blatantly resist arrest because they knew their fat unhealthy asses were getting locked up, as well as the loser moron protesters who don’t have a clue what the hell they are really protesting and live their lives as professional protesters. Get a real flippin Job losers and stop shaming your parents more than you already have!!!!

  • Scott C Moore

    “Blue Lives Matter”? The average life expectancy of a Police Officer is 66 (10.6 years after retirement). The average life expectancy of a cop victim is 34. Its not their jobs to protect us, its their jobs to funnel revenue back into the system, to justify their jobs. They are trained at their respective academies that “Officer Safety Comes First- PERIOD!”. Which is why they are so quick to shoot dogs and the unarmed. As a torture victim of the police state, i would never defend a cop.

    Not the bastards who threw me naked in a cell and kicked for 36 hours, to keep awake, because they got a bad tip about a house filled with “Niggers and drugs” from a 70 yr old Alzheimer patient. They found an elderly couple, and a mother with a 6 yr old and an 18 yr old. So who did you think they arrested on trumped up charges. Of everything from ‘Child Abuse’, to the ‘illegal use of controlled substances in the presence of a minor’. My family swears to this day, they never told those officers i touched a single one of them, because I’m a homosexual and (WAS!) a pacifist. Or that i had ever touched drugs a day in my life. The evidence they held against me? Dusty antique German Meerschaum pipes. Because i refused to sign a false testimony, or speak without a lawyer- they took my clothes and threw me in a suicide cell to keep me awake. A cell with NO bed or toilet. And they entered the cell every 30 minutes to kick me awake, to soften me up for a second interview, hoping i would be more compliant.

    Cops are habitual liars, cowards with guns, hypocritical paramilitary THUGS and brutal murderers. All for the sake of their OWN safety? Those are some safe murderers! With qualified immunity and all the Tax eating defenses you can think of! 428,000,000.00, that is 428 Million, has already been paid out in settlements to their victims…over the past 5 years….Why are they being forced to settle and pay out this money, is they are so neat and squeaky clean?!

    • Anthony R

      You are a looser!! Try to deal with criminals yourself then, dont you ever call 911 when you need help? I thought so, because on once your a$$ will be in danger, you are too scared to stand up for yourself, the first thing you do is call the police!!! Dont, be a man and dont make them risk their lives and jobs for a slug like you, deal with your own problems…

  • Joe p

    What I find interesting is on the pro cop side you can see their faces. On the side of the thugs you see masks and bandanas covering faces. Hmmmmm who has something to hide??? Criminals deserve what they get.

  • Nigel Maloney

    You’ll need to stop generalizing all cops and civilians alike.
    There are bad seeds in everything.
    These cops didn’t intend to kill anyone of those guys but just like regular civilians you should be held accountable for doing wrong.
    Killing both guys was wrong and these officers should somewhat be held accountable but to say they are totally innocent is what’s has people angry at the system and the police.
    Arrogance by people in position of power who support the officers don’t help either.
    They are more than likely to kill anyone when that person is doing wrong and their life is at risk.
    They needed to be charge for their actions just like regular civilians regardless if they are cops.
    Ray Rice is a good man and great husband but when he hit his wife he was charge for doing wrong, same as Adrian Peterson for spanking his son.
    Cops should be dealt with likewise.

  • Boo

    I have and always will respect police. My heart goes out to the the families and to Police everywhere. It would be great if our politicians respect the Police also. Its interesting how our top officials now are saddened by this tragedy and totally changing their words. Our own President won’t come to pay his respects, because he’s on vacation!!!! Even where I work if a situation comes up vacations are cancelled. Isn’t Mr. Obama working for us? I didn’t OK his vacation did you? BLUE LIVES MATTER.

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