Plainclothes NYPD officer caught on video punching teen during arrest

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) — The NYPD says Internal Affairs is investigating an arrest that was captured on video, showing a plainclothes cop repeatedly punching a teen suspect as three uniformed cops are trying to handcuff him.

The incident reportedly happened Monday on Madison Street on the Lower East Side.

In the video posted on Wednesday, uniformed officers are handcuffing the young suspect when a plainclothes officer is seen approaching the teen and punching him.

One woman is heard in the background yelling, “I can’t believe he just did that after everything that’s happened” — likely referring to the Eric Garner case.

The woman who claims she is a lawyer is heard yelling that the suspect is only 12 years old, but police say the teen arrested is actually 16.

Police say 16-year-old Denzel Funderburk and two others were being arrested that day for allegedly beating a 20-year-old victim with a cane.

The beating was reported to be a gang initiation ritual.


  • alex

    Are this cops insane, maybe they need to go to afganistan or iraq,they acting like is a war in the streets of New York. I just hate every time i see some video like this, it just remind me when i was 14 too, and how they the cops beat me up and put me in jail, with no probable cause. Since then i don’t like them to much. I feel bad for this youngsters if they are inocent and the way the mis treated them and arrested them.

    • NT

      Cops don’t act. They actually fight with risk of their life a real war – against crime. God Bless the “Blue”.

      • Bobby Wiseman

        …Are on the “”take”” and were ‘acting’ like good servants to those Bodega owner’s who sell ‘loosies’ that, allegedly, they take a cut in? Of course they ‘bust’ Garner – cause he can cut-they-out! So they kill him. There are what the Beatles said in the mid 1960’s: The Blue Album, with the Blue Meanings! Today, it’s worth re-labeling them / The United States Police Force – These are Bad People…

  • NT

    I don’t see any punching. Just officers trying to arrest and ‘cuff a gang trash. People think that officers have to roll the red carpet on the way to police rear car seat. Wake up morons!!!

    • Mspearlstfe

      You sound ridiculous. If you don’t see the two punches this man throws at a suspect who is already being subdued by THREE other cops, then you must be blind. It’s more likely though that you are being willfully ignorant because you are a racist. That cops actions are unjustifiable. He was not in danger and neither were the rest of those officers. This is a blatant case of excessive force and if we lived in a just would that dirty cop would be disciplined. Alas we live in a nation plagued by disgusting people like yourself, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Shame.

    • Bobby Wiseman

      …You don’t see punching? Gang trash? Oh, you must be talking about where cops learned and allied to the streets of NY – “”GUANTANAMO””! Remember that seen from Night Line? Years later it can out that unlawful detention ‘detainees’ where subject to force feeding up through the ‘alimentary canal region’ – We didn’t seen the punching’s thrown in the ‘Gang of Trash’. We thing your a trash bag with a need for an ‘alimentary treatment’ Cause, dude, you need it….

  • melissah

    wish the vid was still viewable so I could see it. As usual, some woman trying to defend a complete stranger like they’ve known them since birth. He was 16, not 12…and beat a 20 yr old with other people…as part of a gang initiation. Please explain why I should have sympathy for the ‘victim’. I don’t feel sorry for people who put themselves in bad situations as the result of bad behavior then wonder why something bad happened to them. I’d rather exert that energy by helping people who actually need it.

    • Mspearlstfe

      The fact that you think that we should have only reason we should defend someone’s HUMAN RIGHTS, is if we’ve “known them since birth” says more about you then you know. Have you known the officers since birth, because you seem pretty adamant about defending without ever having SEEN THE VIDEO? Lmao
      I guess you can only see the humanity in certain people.
      Whether the boy was 16 or 34 the rules still remain. You don’t punch someone who is posing no threat to you three times. It’s illegal, not to mention immoral and downright cowardly.
      Lastly the boys were not convicted of a crime, they had not even been identified and the charges were later dropped.
      It is not the cops job to punish the suspects, is his job to apprehend them and deliver them to the jail and let them have thier day in court.
      Judging from your comments I doubt your the type of person that would help anyone.

  • Bobby Wiseman

    …Here we go again Joe. A rogue NYPD officer, paying attention to Pat Lynch’s order that cops are above the law, run over to arresting cops and with a clenched fist hits with force the rear groin of a handcuffed youth with the youth’s back turned, 4 or 5 times. The other 3 to 4 arresting officers with their hands on the subject did not to stop the plain clothed rogue officer. Joe, have you ever had a groin injure? The officer knew what he was doing. You knew how a youth can be injured through a groin injure. But, I know, you “”down with the treatment of Black male youth! Shame on you…

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