It’s a “G” Thing: GlamourGals helps seniors feel beautiful

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“I’m getting my nails done!"

“She’s gonna make me look beautiful!"

“What lady does not like to have their nails done a feel pretty?!”

It's a day of pampering here at Visions.

“Visions is a non-profit agency that serves the blind and visually impaired”

"I love getting my nails done for free!" said one of the women.

It's all made possible through GlamourGals.

“ We inspire and organize teen volunteers to provide companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to women living in senior homes,” Rachel Doyle, founder, said.

Rachel Doyle started the organization on Long Island after losing her grandmother.

"And the thing that I loved as a teenager was beauty, fashion and makeup," Doyle remembered. "[And] using those things to brighten a senior’s day just seemed like the perfect fit.”

15 years later, GlamourGals is in community centers across the country, like the one here in Chelsea.

“I’m having them filed and with a little polish,” one of the seniors said.

“I’m having a base coat, and a color and another base coat!"

The makeup and polish will fade, but the relationships made here will last a lifetime.

“I love to talk to people," Debbie Haynes said "I love to interact with people, you learn that way.”