Backstage on Broadway kids special: Matilda’s small actresses have big presence, voices & dreams

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In this week’s Backstage on Broadway, we’re handing it over to the kids in honor of the Broadway League program, Kids Night on Broadway.

We brought in reporter, Miranda Jackel, to be our very own kid correspondent. She sat down with some of Broadway’s biggest little stars!



Music, mischief, magic: we're talking about Matilda.

It's the timeless story by Roald Dahl of a brilliant little girl who forms a bond with her teacher to stand up to the bullies in her life.

“I became obsessed with movie," Eliza said. "I watched it like 8,000 times a day.”

Eliza, Fina, Brooklyn and Tori rotate as the title role on stage.

“Matilda was my dream role,” Brooklyn said.

We caught up with the young stars between shows.

WEB EXTRA: How Matilda actresses reacted to getting the part

“Can you tell me the story of how you found out [you got the part]?" I asked.

“My parents gave me a card,” Eliza said. "I read it out loud and then just started screaming."

While exciting, these girls know it's a job, one that takes quite the dedication.

“I wake up at like 7 in the morning,” Brooklyn explained. “I go to school, then after school I  come home and I get ready and then I go to the theater and do my warmups.”

WEB EXTRA: The hardest part about being a kid on Broadway for Matilda actresses

All of these young stars have been performing since they were about three or four years old.

“It’s really cool just to be someone else," Tori said. "It’s something you would never experience but you’re experiencing it."

An experience they all want for a long time.

“I want to be Elphaba from Wicked!” Tori said.

“I actually want to be Glinda in Wicked!” Brooklyn said.

Eliza said, "I want to originate a role on Broadway."

As for Fina, her dream role is Sarah Brown from Guys and Dolls but ultimately wants to write a musical.

This group of girls is actually the third round of Matilda's so it's important that they make the role their own.

"I just visualize everything," Tori said.

Brooklyn added, "We all thing differently, so I think we just act it that way."

"I have like little smirks that I do [for certain songs.]" Fina said.

WEB EXTRA: Family affair for Matilda actresses

Now you and your family have a special change to see this show and many more through the Broadway League program, Kids Night on Broadway.

With the purchase of a full-priced adult ticket to certain shows, you will get a free child's ticket.

"[It's important] because when you have young people and they're really just beginning to formulate who they are, " Judith Light, Kids' Night on Broadway National Ambassador, said. “All of a sudden your world has opened up to other worlds you might never have seen before.”

“I want people to leave the theater like thinking that girl did so much,” Eliza said.

Tori agreed saying, "I want little kids thinking I came out of the show with a great message and now I’m going to use it in my real life”.

And the message these girls want you to take away from their show?

“If you’re little you’re strong and no one can stop you,” Brooklyn said.

“I want them thinking wow, I can make a difference even though I’m small,” Fina added.

Setting an example with a smile, oh and a British accent!



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