Homeless man empties pockets to help girl get home, she raises $43K to get him a home

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Harrison-Bentzon and her friends spent a day on the streets to better understand what it’s like to be homeless. (Facebook)

PRESTON, England (PIX11) — After a homeless man turned out his pockets to help a college student get home safe, she has returned the favor by raising $43,000 to secure a home for him.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, a student at the University of Central Lancashire, found herself stranded after losing her bank card after a night out in Preston.

The 22-year-old crossed paths with Robbie, a homeless man, who offered her £3  (about $5) for a taxi to make she got home safe.

Harrison-Bentzen couldn’t bring herself to accept the gracious offer. Thankfully, she found another way home and decided to repay Robbie for his kindness.


So far, Harrison-Bentzen has raised nearly $44,000 for Robbie. (Facebook)

She was able to track down Robbie again after finding out kind acts he’s done for others — including offering up his scarf in the cold, or returning wallets untouched.

She discovered Robbie had been homeless for 7 months, unable to get work because he doesn’t have an address.

Harrison-Bentzen decided to spend 24 hours on the street with friends to better understand the struggles of the homeless.

So far, her campaign has raised £28,000 (about $43,613) for a home for Robbie, and a little extra.

Robbie told Harrison-Bentzen he wanted excess funds to go to local soup kitchens and food banks:

“As Robbie agrees, there are many many inspiring individuals within the homeless community. We set out originally to change 1 mans life, now we can change dozens if not more, surely this is absolutely incredible?”

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