Former NFL star Chad Johnson leaves massive tip because ‘Sundays are slow’

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Former NFL star and current Montreal Alouette player Chad Johnson made headlines Sunday after he tweeted about an act of kindness.

Johnson left a $300 tip for a server on a $351.92 bill, simply because “Sundays are slow.”

In addition to the tip and the message, he also included “I LOVE YOU” at the bottom.

Johnson tweeted a picture of the receipt:

His act of kindness touched many people, including someone who had tweeted about contemplating suicide until seeing what Johnson did.

Despite the massive tip he left, many people took to Twitter to call out Johnson’s math skills.

While he very likely could have written his tip incorrectly, the receipt clearly says $300.92, and he only added the $300. The bill should have totaled $652.84.


  • Jack Johnson

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