Bill Cosby won’t be charged over molestation claim

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles prosecutors have declined to file any charges against Bill Cosby after a woman recently reported the comedian molested her around 1974.

The rejection of a child sexual abuse charge by prosecutors on Tuesday comes roughly 10 days after the woman, Judy Huth, met with police detectives.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office rejected filing a misdemeanor charge of annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18 because the statute of limitations had passed.

Huth has accused Cosby in a civil lawsuit of forcing her to perform a sex act on him in a bedroom of the Playboy Mansion when she was 15 years old. Cosby’s attorney said that Huth attempted to extort $250,000 from the comedian before she sued.


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  • Jack Johnson

    I do not know why that again the Stephen Collins story is coming out again and coinicidently that the Cosby story is out. Cosby is correct. The white media is like wanting to pile up against Cosby. The Stephen Collins story was out a month prior to the Cosby lies against him. Stephen Collins has audio tapes that proves he is a child molestor and only came out because of solid evidence that his ex-wife used against him for getting money out of him when he said NO!

    So the media is like telling Cosby that if Stephen Collins is brave to come out, why don’t you? Well media journalist (white media); Stephen Collins is guilty with evidence to prove that. But also he was extorted by his now ex-wife who would bring them out if he did not hand over cash in which he did not.

    Bill Cosby though is not a molester of children nor women. He loves his sex like Bill Clinton and Errol Flynn. But Bill Cosby did not drug nor rape this money grubbing, hoes. The more these gold-diggers talk, talk and talk. The more and easier Bill Cosby proof of vindication is appearing right now.

    Check out all these stories and then as now most women are asking. “If she was drugged how can she remember everything so clearly and all this happen 20 years and more with all these women”?

    Simple these are called—LIES. When a person is worth $400 million dollar such as Bill Cosby is; and when trying to help some of these women who he stayed in touch with wanted more and or he was not going to help them anymore that threaten him with going to public and slander his name and reputation to destroy him. Hurt him they did and I do hope they feel proud of themselves for this man’s vindication is happening now and these hoes lies are being exposed more and more as they speak.

    Did Bill Cosby had sex with most to all these women— YES!!

    Did Bill Cosby raped all these women —- NO!!

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