‘A beautiful dog who did nothing but love’ fatally shot through fence while owner was away

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Las Vegas, NV (KVVU) — A senseless act of animal cruelty has left a Las Vegas man heartbroken and searching for answers.

Carlos Harper was on vacation in Central America when someone shot his dog through a gate in his backyard on Sunday. He’s asking anyone with information to come forward.

Harper said he received a text message from his brother informing him of the shooting.

“It’s sad that he’s not here. It’s so weird being in this house without him being here. I don’t know this place. I don’t know my life without my dog,” Harper said.

The dog, Spazz, was a 6-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu.

“It was my child. It was my kid. I mean, I don’t know what it’s like to have children, but I’m the oldest of four. Of course, the love that you can have with a human being is 10 times the amount you can have with an animal, but the love the animal shows you is unconditional,” Harper said.

Harper said his brother was at his southwest Las Vegas home when he heard a shot ring out. Someone stuck a gun through a small opening in a side gate and shot Spazz in the thorax.

“I said to him, ‘Listen, don’t worry about what happened. Just get the dog in the car and go to the hospital as fast as you can,'” Harper said.

Harper said Spazz was dead before his brother could carry him to his car. He further said he’d had a few run-ins with neighbors about Spazz’s barking, but it was not serious enough to warrant a shooting.

“I got to watch him from being this little thing that could barely walk on his own to this beautiful dog who did nothing but love,” Harper said.

Harper has filed a police report.

“I’ll spend every dollar that I have to make sure whoever did this is brought to justice,” he said.

County animal control is investigating the shooting and will perform an autopsy on the dog this week.

Animal cruelty is a felony in Nevada. Punishments include fines and even prison time.


    • Truth

      Wow really? There are many problems in the world it doesn’t make this one any less important. Also just because some police are bad doesn’t mean they all are. It’s negative people like you who need to grow up. My animals are just as precious to me as any human. also even if people don’t believe that it still isn’t right what happened and I hope justice will be served.

  • Elaine Kelly

    If honest I wish you had not left the little dog outside barking …. people are vicious today ! You cannot leave little dogs or any dog alone anymore … :-( RIP little boy… I pray you find justice ~

  • Melony M.

    I hope justice is found for this dog… people are so fucked up… if anything happened to my babies I don’t know what I would do!

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