TRASHED: New law will remove illegal clothing bins from NYC streets

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CITY HALL (PIX11) -- In the past few years, clothing donation bins have increased twenty-fold on New York City sidewalks.  Most of the bins are illegal, but for years, their owners have managed to avoid penalties.  That has now officially changed, with the implementation of a City Council bill that changes how the bins are regulated.

Over the weekend, a City Council measure passed into law that would require the bins to be removed as soon as they are ticketed by the city Sanitation Department.  Prior to now, owners of the bins were given up to 30 days to remove them.  Typically, bin owners would leave their bins in place for 29 days and then move them to another location, and the process would begin anew.

No containers are allowed on New York City sidewalks unless approved by the city.  The six-foot cubed bins are not.  Many of them also are painted with language or in colors that imply that they belong to charities.  They do not.

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The new law is intended to fight all of those problems.  While it will still be a challenge to enforce the new law, many advocates for community improvement are praising the new law.

"I'm grateful and optimistic," said Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District Director Josef Szende, "that we will have cleaner, better looking streets and neighborhoods going forward."