Chicago boy, 15, dies after saving twin brother from robbers

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CHICAGO (PIX11) — A Chicago teenager was fatally gunned down three days before his 16th birthday after trying to save his twin brother from a set of robbers.

Demario Bailey was walking with his brother Demacio blocks away from their school when he was shot during a confrontation with four robbers Saturday afternoon, Chicago Tribune reported.

The robbers went through the brothers’ pockets when things turned violent. After Demacio was attacked by a robber, Demario rushed to help him. He managed to push the robber off his brother and then took a bullet to the chest.

Before realizing Demario was in trouble, Demacio ran thinking his brother was right behind him. He immediately turned around when he heard a gunshot. Demario died at the scene minutes later.

The brothers were headed to Demacio’s basketball practice.

“Demario was his biggest fan, accompanying his brother to practices and games regularly,” the Bailey family said on a memorial fundraising page for the slain teen.

Carlos Johnson, 17, has since been charged with first-degree murder and another robbery that occurred shortly before the boy’s death.

Demario is described as a standout 10th grade scholar at Johnson College Prep.

His family hopes the 15-year-old’s sudden death will lead to increased safety on the streets of the city.

“Something needs to be done to keep our children safe on the streets of Chicago,” the family said.

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  • Ana

    RIP, is all I can say, I am so lost for words, for I have two boys as well, this is heartbreaking, and I am so sadden for all that is going on, and how our young men are dying suddenly and so young! He did not deserve this, yet, it is comforting to know, he is with the Lord!!! and I ask please father take care of his brother and family, that have to live without their loved one!!!

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