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Outraged father says teacher denied meal to son, confronts her on camera

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – When a father found out his 10-year-old son was denied a meal from his teacher, he took matters into his own hands.

Luis Valdivia claims the Hilltop Drive Elementary School teacher did not let his son have “second chance breakfast” because he did not do his school work, ABC10 reported.

The breakfast food is for students who miss the meal at home before going to school.

“I asked her if I can get second chance breakfast and when I asked, she said ‘no.’ I just went back to my seat all frustrated,” the 10-year-old told the station.

Outraged, Valdivia went to the elementary school and confronted the teacher, while capturing it all on camera.

“So you’re calling my son a liar regarding Monday?” Valdivia asked in the video.

“Monday, I did not let him eat,” the teacher said.

Valdivia claims this is the second time his son was denied food at the school. The first time, however, she apologized.

The outraged dad hopes the teacher will be terminated for her actions.

But because second chance breakfast is not a mandated meal, the teacher did not break any laws like Valdivia accused her of in the video.

A spokesman for the school told 10News they are looking into the complaint. It is unclear if the teacher will be disciplined for the incident.


  • ReginaM

    What about the parent(s) responsibility to feed your own child before going to school. Why does the school have to do this? This is very odd indeed. Making an issue out of it by the father only reinforces his child to make bad judgments. He’ll think first to get something to eat before leaving home. Children need to learn a lesson – that if you don’t do your work, there are consequences for your actions.

  • Jack Mehoff

    Looks like they live in a pretty nice place. Dad cant buy a dozen eggs, and crack one open on the pan for a few minutes to feed his own child?

  • Diane Earle

    lol,It looks like the father never missed a meal. I guess its more important then doing an assignment.Make breakfast at your home lol probably not …its not free.

  • FlipRock Brklyn

    Everyone deserves to feed in the morning in order to function properly and i even bought breakfast for all my co workers in my clothing apparel business i had owned to ensure a better work environment. But on this matter i hold the parents responsible for not making sure he got to school early enough in time there shouldn’t be no excuses. Its all the same as been late to work and get fired and i’m pretty sure he is never late or his wife neither if she works. Most of this new generation parents feel they can point the finger to others about their parental ship responsibilities now a days and must grow up in order to be a little bit more conscious and open minded about their youngs if they feel they want to give them a better future, no excuses necessary. Even the school has it’s policy to enforce parents to encourage then to make it their business their children are in school early on time and while doing so they are teaching these same children as well to learn some kind of responsibilities so that when they grow up they can seek, find and maintain a job to help them to a brighter future!

  • S Gamez

    How about making sure your child does his work assignments and feeding your child before going to school. That is the parents responsibility. Quick to threaten with law suits… Smh
    Not all teachers are good people and I’ve had confrontations with a few of my children’s teachers in the past but this issue can easily be resolved by the parents at home.

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