NYC police union wants de Blasio banned from funerals

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NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s rank-and-file police union is urging its members to ban Mayor Bill de Blasio from their funerals.

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association posted a link on its website telling members not to let de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito “insult their sacrifice” should they be killed in the line of duty. The union posted a waiver officers can sign requesting the two politicians not attend their funerals due to their “consistent refusal to show police officers the support and respect they deserve.”

The New York Post reports the mayor and council speaker are calling the effort “deeply disappointing.”

The mayor customarily attends such funerals.

The union’s president has said officers haven’t felt supported in the wake of a chokehold death of an unarmed black man.


  • Walter Roberts

    I call things like I see them……The code of blue does not apply here, the only reason this all comes out is there are phones with cameras , otherwise this would disappear like so much other things do … A non-threatning life has been lost and their needs to be accountablilty….The PBA and the Academy need to get their act together ….

    • bob

      dude go fuck yourself cause your prob a piece of trash much like the fat bastard that was killed. he was not a good person and it was not the cops fault. your so quick to judge now arent you when you dont know all the facts such a shame. the boys in blue do not need to be held accountable for doing there jobs. the mayor is a piece of shit and should be banned, if he cant defend those who defend his city then he shouldnt be a mayor he can take him, his nigger kids and his 10ft fence and shove it up his ass.

      • Joe

        You Know YOU sound like a total AssHole !!!! You don’t even know the guy and your ready to make judgement what he’s about !!!! This is a free country and anyone can voice their opinion. If you’d whipe the Shit out of your eyes and watch the video you would see it do not take “Rocket Science”” to access the situation… But to an ignonant sounding pric like you, it probabley makes no difference … have a nice day :)

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