Strategies for the naughty party season

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(PIX11)-- Alcohol consumption goes up during the holidays and sometimes with it comes drinking and driving.

We're talking with an expert on the astounding statistics and ways to keep your family and friends safe but still allow them to enjoy the season.

Get creative:  festive drinks can be "dry.' look to non-alcoholic drinks such as fruits, juices, ice teas and lemonades as a way to encourage health.

Be strategic about where you place the bar: don`t make the bar center stage. Place beautifully prepared and presented food and flowers at the center of the table and move the alcohol to the back of the room; make the juice bar a colorful center of attention.

Be Safe: for guests who do drink, make sure they have a safe way home or keep taxi numbers on your smart phone to prevent them from leaving and driving under the influence.  You can also use the app cabsense new york tips on the best corners to find cabs.

Eating is key: having food in your system when you drink alcohol - greatly reduces its effects. This isn`t a license to drink as much as you want - but it is a healthier practice to have a meal with your alcohol.

Go flat:if you decide to drink alcohol don`t mix it with carbonated beverages - they will impact you more strongly. We also recommend switching to water after two drinks.  Also before drinking, make sure you know what medications you`re on. Many of them you cannot mix with alcohol.

Have an exit strategy: Create a set time to leave a party and plan a fun event afterwards - like a good movie or bowling.

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