It’s a “G” Thing: Pre-school class gives Mr. G a lesson in weather

Posted: 6:02 PM, Dec 12, 2014
Updated: 2014-12-12 18:01:38-05

We're here at the Miss Christine's pre-school class at Crestwood Country Day School , where it's all about positive learning and having a good time!

"Do you like this class and your teacher?" I asked three-year-old, Emily. "Yes, because I come here every day."

“I really love working with this age,” Christine Karo, teacher, said. "I like when they learn and I like teaching and doing activities.”

“Christine was a camper here," Mark Transport, owner/director of Crestwood Country Day School, said. "Then she was a counselor and she’s been teaching here for three years.”

Teaching things like reading, writing and counting. But, these kids are also learning one subject I happen to know just a little bit about.

"What's the weather today?" Miss Christine asked her class, "Stormy and rainy."

“Teaching weather to this class has been a lot of fun," Miss Christine said. "We like to do interactive lessons that teach them about the world around them and how the weather affects their everyday lives.”

"[Weather helps me] pick clothes out!" Brandon said.

And on a stormy day, these kids have just the thing to brighten up the day.

They created a special song just for me!

“What’s the weather, we can listen on TV. We can find out what’s the weather by watching Mr. G”

“I really enjoy seeing how they succeed and how they’re growing up,” Miss Christine said. [They're] really becoming independent little people.”

And the end of the day, Miss Christine just likes seeing the kids use the skills outside of the classroom.