Prince William offers help to young Brooklyn artist before leaving the city

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Steven Prescod has lived the rough and tumble life he's turned into a one man show called “Brooklyn Boy.”

"It's about a boy in Brooklyn which is me and how the streets of Bed-Stuy took over my life and how I was able to overcome those obstacles.”

Obstacles that included a father who went to jail for a decade when his son was only one.

Prescod himself faced seven years of hard time for assault, but a judge gave him a second chance. And he made the most of it doing an internship at the non profit City Kids Foundation, where he developed his passion for acting singing and dancing.

The talented 22-year-old was the featured act when the royal couple made one of their final stops on Tuesday at The Door, an organization which partners with City Kids to help disadvantaged young people.

“The day before the performance, I had to chop it down to an 8 minute piece. That made me a lot more nervous hoping I wouldn't mess up in front of them," Prescod said.

When it was over, Princess Kate had to dash off, but not the future King of England.

Blown away by Prescod’s performance, Prince William made a b line for the young man to congratulate him.

“He just ran straight towards me, and he said ‘your performance was really amazing. He said ‘I would really like to help you.’ And when he said it, I said 'really.' And then he said ‘yes, yes. Take my information.’”

"I didn't feel starstruck. It was just a human being connected to another human being.”

The two parties have indeed been in touch. In the meantime, Prescod plans to take “Brooklyn Boy” into different schools.

“I love this piece so much because I can inspire young men around the world, who are going through some of the same things I went through, and show them you can change your life around because I never would have thought I would be performing for Prince William."

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