VIDEO: Lab opens fridge, steals food

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (PIX11) — Allie, a 12-year-old Yellow Lab, kept getting into the refrigerator and freezer, and her owners just couldn’t figure out how she was doing it.

“We couldn’t figure out how she was doing it, so I hooked up a go-pro to find out,” radio host Adam Montiel wrote on YouTube.

The video shows the strategy the mischievous dog uses to get her paws on extra food when no one is watching.

“My girlfriend taught Allie to open a drawer where Allie’s toys were, we didn’t even think that the freezer itself is a big giant drawer…with food! But how she opened the doors with her mouth, and at the hinges was incredible to us,” Monitel wrote. “Yes we feed her, she is a very smart and loving soul, and we love her more than anything.”

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