Report: Brooklyn is the least affordable place to live in America

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Living in Brooklyn is becoming less affordable by the day.

A report from Bloomberg Business says the borough is now the least affordable place to live in the country.

According to data from real estate information company RealtyTrac, it takes 98 percent of the median income of someone in Brooklyn to pay for the median home price there.

The company analyzed 475 counties throughout October.

As of October, the median rent in Brooklyn was $2,858, up almost 6% from a year earlier.



  • Danielle Steward

    The reason why Brooklyn is the least affordable place to live is because of greedy landlords who want to force out people with low income for more money. Meanwhile the mayor is not protecting anyone with low income, building are being constructed all over Brooklyn but landlords are hijacking rental prices and real estate brokers are assisting landlords by using credit score or collections to keep out keep out low income people. Some real estate brokers will use the person credit score to decide where they should live. If this keeps up where the low income is expected to live New York City Housing Authority , shelters, SRO, or scattered site housing because no one is not taking on or has the heart to stop the greedy landlords.

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