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Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer: Six questions we need answers to

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the Millennium Falcon in new Star Wars trailer

The Force is strong with this one.

More than 33 million YouTube views later, the Internet is still burning hotter than Mustafar with anticipation, fanboy glee and curiosity about the teaser trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The 88-second clip, the first glimpse of new Star Wars movie material in a decade,  revealed little except several bits of spectacularity that made grown men cry all over their Kenner action figure collection.   Here are a few key questions we can’t wait to see answered onscreen next year:

1. Who Gave The Millennium Falcon A Makeover?

Without question, the appearance of ‘the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy’ was the highlight of the teaser — if you don’t think so, then you’ve probably clicked on the wrong post. The first thing we notice, besides that the Falcon remains AWESOME,  is that the ship has a new, rectangular dish. The old one was larger and rounder.

The next thing we notice is that Tie Fighters are firing at the beloved smuggling vessel. But wait, aren’t Tie Fighters from the Empire’s arsenal of weapons? And wasn’t the Empire destroyed at the end of “Return of the Jedi?” Episode VII reportedly takes place decades after the events of ROTJ, so does this mean the Empire has recovered and rebuilt? Are there splinter groups of Empire sympathizers?

john boyega star wars

John Boyega

2. Who’s That Stormtrooper?

Let history acknowledge that John Boyega (“Attack The Block” — if you haven’t seen it, rectify this immediately) was the very first actor we ever saw in a scene from Episode VII. He pops up on what appears to be Tattoine, the desert planet in the Outer Rim that was home to Luke Skywalker, Jabba The Hutt & a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Why is Boyega in a stormtrooper uniform? He’s supposedly playing a hero — was he disguised as an Imperial henchman? Was his cover blown? Is that why he looks stressed out? Are the stormtroopers we see on the transport, armed and ready to go, on his trail? And assuming it is Tattoine, what’s he doing there?

{Aside: I really hope it’s Tattoine because I like the idea that the continuation of the story from the original trilogy begins where the first “Star Wars” adventure began.}

daisy ridley star wars

Daisy Ridley

3. Is That Han & Leia’s Kid?

JJ Abrams is working double overtime to keep the details about the movie on a ‘you don’t need to know’ basis, but the buzz online is that the young lady who jumps aboard the boxy land speeder is the offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. If she is, what’s she doing on maybe/maybe not Tattoine? Who is she running to/from? And is she wearing the headgarb to protect her hair buns from the harsh desert climate?

FYI, freeze frame this part of the trailer and check out her cool souvenir — she has a  staff from a Tusken Raider hitched to her ride (thanks to for the heads up)

stormtroopers star wars

The stormtroopers 

4. Can These Stormtroopers Actually Hit Something?

The stormtroopers have a new look. The redesigned helmets are sleeker and slightly more menacing. Combined with the updated weaponry, we get a quick glimpse of, perhaps Episode VII is the film where a stormtrooper actually hits an intended target. But again, just like the Tie Fighters … who’s pushing the buttons on the Empire’s foot soldiers? Is this a rogue unit? Did they become guns for hire after the Rebels destroyed the second Death Star? And whom are they after? And where??  ACK! So. Many. Questions.

xwing fighter star wars

Xwing  fighter

5. What Planet Is This?

Seeing X-Wing Fighters flying in formation is exciting enough. But seeing them flying just a few feet above the water kicked the cool factor up a notch or ten. But aside from the goosebumps-inducing visual, we’re wondering exactly what planet this is.

There are several planets in the Star Wars EU (Extended Universe) that could fit the bill — including Naboo, Queen Amidala’s home world from the prequels — but we’re guessing Abrams may start fresh here and introduce a new world into SW geography. Or, maybe its the warmer side of Hoth, because, you know, returning to that icy planet would pretty much blow every Star Wars fan’s mind.

lightsaber star wars

6. Who’s Holding The Cool New Lightsaber?

Dark, shadowy figure, holding a pink-hued lightsaber…I think it’s fair to assume this guy’s the Big Bad of Episode VII. WHO it is, is another matter entirely. Judging from the body shape, this is the character Adam Driver is playing. Is that character The Inquisitor, who was introduced in the new Star Wars animated series “Rebels?” Possible, but I doubt it. Abrams wouldn’t want his big shiny new villain to debut somewhere else.

Could it be someone else? Perhaps it’s a disillusioned old Jedi Master Luke Skywalker? Anything’s possible, and the speculation is that Luke’s role in this new film will be similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s role in “A New Hope.” But certain things are bedrock in the Star Wars canon: R2-D2 will always save the day, and good guys don’t use pink lightsabers.

And what’s the deal with the cross design on the elegant Jedi weapon? I could see the practical purpose for Darth Maul’s dual-bladed lightsaber, but how does this design help in a duel? And why the shoddy design (notice the flickering light)? And is that too geeky even for a post about an 88-second Star Wars trailer?

So many questions, and so much time before we get any answers. December 18, 2015 can’t arrive soon enough. That’s when “The Force Awakens” drops in theaters. See you at the concession stand.

What’s the biggest question you have about the new Star Wars trailer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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