Rep. Peter King thanks grand jury for ‘doing justice’ in Eric Garner chokehold death

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STATEN ISLAND (PIX11) – Rep. Peter King weighed in on the decision not to indict an NYPD officer in the chokehold death of Eric Garner, thanking the Staten Island grand jury on Twitter hours after the decision.

King’s tweet, unsurprisingly, was met with outrage and furious replies:

Rep. Peter King thanks grand jury

Garner died after police placed him in a chokehold after stopping him on July 17th on suspicion that the Staten Island father was selling untaxed cigarettes.

Despite the medical examiner’s autopsy ruling his death a homicide, the 23-person jury chose not to indict the officer who placed him in a chokehold, officer Daniel Pantaleo.  In order for Pantaleo to face charges, at least 12 of the jurors would have had to vote for an indictment.

Details of the grand jury weren’t released in accordance with New York, according to District Attorney Daniel Donovan, who says he filed a request that would authorize him to do so.


  • DonJuan da BoiJuanda (@BoiJuanda)

    I knew it was an “oh, here we go again” moment – when he said, “My condolences go out to the Garner family”! Rep. Peter King’s comments were indifferent and very very devisive! He went to the playing politics when he started criticizing the President and complaining about Al Sharpton’s presence. He justified the officers actions on this civilian and comes to find out his father was a NYPD officer – so he is clearly bias and does not share the same sentiments of all his constituents! He should be removed from his office exponentially in regards to his BIAS stance with the officers involved! I highly recommend that the citizens of New York get in touch with your Secretary of State and begin a petition for a recall based on Rep. Kings bias!

    If that doesn’t work contact all other congressman in New York and begin a petition for censure!!!!!!!!

    Citizens of New York – you have the power to set this back on the right path!

    You have my prayers and support

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