Despite weather, Eric Garner protesters continue to march through NYC

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Demonstrators took to the streets for a third night in a row to protest the Eric Garner grand jury decision.

Dozens stormed the Apple store on 57th Street and 5th Avenue, holding signs and chanting as they marched through the store.

Others converged in Macy's and Bryant Park, staging "die-ins."

Protesters staged a die-in in Macy's in Herald Square. (Photo: Charles Wade/@akacharleswade)

Protesters staged a die-in in Macy's in Herald Square. (Photo: Charles Wade/@akacharleswade)

More than 200 arrests were made on Thursday night.

Demonstrators overran the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, prompting authorities to stop the ferry from departing. Marchers staged a "die-in" on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, laying on street with coffins in silence.

An estimated 7,5000 gathered in Foley Square Thursday evening, and hundreds other organized in Union Square.

The crowd moved to Brooklyn Bridge shortly before 7 p.m., but had to go elsewhere when police blocked off the bridge. Protesters began chanting "Broadway! Pass it down!"

The West Side Highway and Holland and Lincoln tunnels were also scenes of a massive gathering.

The diverse crowd is venting its outrage over the Staten Island grand jury's decision not to indict the Officer Daniel Pantaleo involved in the death of Garner.  On Thursday night, protesters also were gathering in places including Union Square and the Manhattan approach to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Another contingent of protesters blocked traffic on the West Side Highway, many chanting "I can't breathe."  The largest group, as of 7:30 p.m., was located near Chambers Street and Broadway, heading north.

Protesters are taking to the streets in largely peaceful demonstrations demanding justice for Garner, who died July 17 after being put in an apparent chokehold by Officer Daniel Pantaleo.

Garner was being arrested on suspicion of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes, or "loosies."

Hours after the grand jury's decision was revealed, bridges and tunnels as well as Times Square, Grand Central, Union Square and Rockefeller Center -- where the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony went off without a hitch -- became hot spots for protesters.

PIX11 News is on air and in the streets covering this ongoing story. Follow our live blog, below, for the latest developments:


  • Nicole Hodge

    It is obvious that it is not safe to travel to the U.S.A since the individuals that are suppose to protect and keep the general public safe are the very ones that are doing the killings and getting away with it. Cops are killing and walking away without being held accountable for their actions.Unbelievable.

  • Gramercy

    Getting arrested + comply = low chance of death

    Getting arrested + resist = moderate chance of death

    Getting arrested + resist + try to high jack cops gun = severe chance of death

  • David Jucknick

    I saw the tapes of the three cops attacking Eric Gardner on TV and CNN news. Now even Charles Barkley feels the people of Ferguson, Mo., are wrong to riot, loot, set fire to police cars, and I agree with him there. As far as the situation in N.Y. is concerned however, I totally disagree with the grand jury’s decision not to indict the officers,, especially the one that put a choke hold on Eric. Eric did not have to die that day, they used excessive force against him, you could hear him cry out “I can’t breathe”, numerous times yet the cop held the chokehold, what is he nuts? I’m white, 69 years old former military during the Vietnam conflict and I say this cop deserves to be thrown off the police force, lose all his pension and health benefits and he should make an open apology to all people standing in the middle of times square with a microphone in his hand, that what he did was wrong and that he should be punished for it. I’d like to see one of the great MMA fighters put a rear naked chokehold on him for about twenty minutes, the cop is a disgrace to his uniform and the people of NYC and the USA…….

  • LindsayPittmann

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  • Angelina Vega

    This is an outrage…caught on video and NO INDICTMENT…..He just walks….and a man is dead…..what kind of message is that…….”NO DOESN’T MEAN NO” and “STOP DOESN’T MEAN STOP” and ” I CAN’T BREATH DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T BREATH”…..It’s Disgusting how they handled the whole case …I pray for the Garner Family…that JUSTICE Will PRAVAIL for Eric Garner…God Bless Us All

  • Angelina Vega

    This is an outrage…caught on video and NO INDICTMENT…..He just walks….and a man is dead…..what kind of message is that…….”NO DOESN’T MEAN NO” and “STOP DOESN’T MEAN STOP” and ” I CAN’T BREATHE DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T BREATHE”…..It’s Disgusting how they handled the whole case …I pray for the Garner Family…JUSTICE Will PRAVAIL for Eric Garner…God Bless Us All

  • David Jucknick

    Why did this NYC cop who was with two other cops and a black police woman who was within 10 feet of the scuffle, use a deadly choke hold on this man? Where was their Mace or Taser Gun, After Mr. Gardner fell the three cops were on top of him, even holding Mr. Gardner’s head down on the pavement. I’m white, military veteran 1963-66, and a lot of my friends and I have discussed this whole situation and we can’t see how the grand jury arrived at a decision not to indict the officer that placed the choke hold on Mr. Gardner. I hope Mrs. Gardner files a wrongful death civil suit, and the city of N.Y. should pay her legal cost totally, plus she’d probably do best by getting a superb criminal defense attorney from the Cochran law firm to take her case. I pray for the Gardner family, the police officer who killed Mr. Gardner and for all mankind to wake up and start having respect for one another. Even Charles Barkley called the protestors who were looting, burning cars and buildings, “Scumbags” and I feel Mr. Barkley is right, the cop in Ferguson deserved not to be indicted if you look at the whole situation with Mr. Mike Brown, but the cop in NYC I feel should have been indicted at it should have gone to court. My heart goes out to the Gardner family and even the cop and his family, and I pray the God will enter these families lives to help them through the days, weeks and months that lie ahead, and that the pain in their hearts will eventually heal over time, but I know that it will probably take a long time. God Bless all of us and hopefully this holiday season may be peaceful and there will be no more senseless killings in our country by the people we pay with our tax dollars to protect us.

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  • AB

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  • James M. Parker

    When I was 14, I was riding my bike home from school after a cross country meet and I had my cross country warm up hoody on. I was cut off by a HB police car and the 2 officers inside the car jumped out and knocked me to the ground. While one cop held a gun on me the other cop kicked me in the stomach while I was on the ground. They were screaming something about a shoplifting that occur a few blocks away. The one cop who kicked me then began smashing my face into the asphalt while the other cop crashed down on my back with his knee and jerked my arm so far up my back I thought it was broken. After they handcuffed me they interrogated me trying everything to make me confess that I was the guy they were looking for. They punched me in the stomach again and stomped out the spokes of my bike. Finally a call came from another squad car reporting that they had caught the guy up the street. The cop who cuffed me took the cuffs off while telling me if I said anything to anyone about what they did they would come to my house and tell my parents I was selling drugs. The other cop took my bike and threw it in an apartment dumpster across the street. When he got back he looked at me all covered in blood and just laugh at me, hopped in his squad car, and the two of them drove away. When that day started, I was a little 5′ 2″, 97 pound freshman clean cut white kid with great respect for police. Not a police incident goes by that I don’t remember that day. Sense then I have seen 3 separate groups of Orange County Sheriffs murder 3 separate unarmed detainees at Theo Lacy Orange County Jail for nothing more than being confused about what they were being told to do and getting it wrong. Note that the victims were all White males. I have seen 6 other brutal attacks by OC Sheriffs at other facilities on unarmed detainees for not being fast enough at following instructions. Again the victims were White or Mexican American males. These are my personal experiences with law enforcement, and I know this has happened to millions of White people as well as Blacks and Mexican Americans. As much as it might seem with all these highly publicized cases of White cops murdering Blacks that this is solely a racial issue, but the truth is cops murder, and they murder at greater numbers than all other Americans combined. They are trained to kill and encouraged to kill, and they are trained to see all citizens as criminals who they can freely murder anytime their training gives them the opportunity. There is absolutely nothing left of the old motto, “to protect and serve,” and there hasn’t been for decades now. If you or I harbored a murderer we would be sent to prison, but so called good cops harbor murderers in nearly every precinct in America. You think you know a good cop, you’ve seen a cop doing good, good for you, so have I, I’ve also seen gangsters and meth heads giving out turkeys at Thanksgiving and kneeling at the alter at church. Whereas that may absolve them of their sins before their maker or put them in a favorable position with their benefactors, it does not absolve them of their crimes before the judicial system of the city, county. or state where they committed those crimes. Any citizen who commits a crime must bear that crime and if convicted must do the time, why should cops be any different? No other citizen can hide behind some internal code of conduct or procedure manual to justify criminal behavior, why should cops get away with it? In conclusion, there is no such thing as a good cop, and this problem of cops murdering American citizens is everyone’s problem. Don’t wait until they murder one of your family members before you do something about it.

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