Live blog: Several arrests as #HandsUpWalkout protesters reach Times Square

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – A minute past 1 p.m. Monday, dozens of New Yorkers marched, with their hands up, toward Union Square.

They are part of a nationwide demonstration in solidarity with Michael Brown and the Ferguson community, rocked in the past week by violent protests spurred by a grand jury’s decision to not indict the former officer who killed the unarmed teen.

Dubbed #HandsUpWalkout, the protest began with a moment of silence at 12:01 p.m. Central Time, the moment 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by former police officer Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

Police arrested several New York City demonstrators Monday as the group made its way from Union Square up to Times Square.

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CNN is now reporting that students from at least 50 New York City schools have joined the protests.

Jeremy Tanner December 1, 20142:59 PM

Large groups of Bard High School students joined the protest, but the principal, Michael Lerner, says it was not organized by teachers.  Bard, located at 525 E. Houston Street, has an open campus policy during lunch.  No final number on how many students declined to return for class. 

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Protesters in New York City were asked to meet in Union Square, where beefed up patrols were in place Sunday evening in anticipation of the crowd. It was not immediately known how many demonstrators were expected to participate.

Students from several college campuses in New York and New Jersey, including Sarah Lawrence, Marist and Ramapo, plan to participate, according to events posted on Facebook.

Monday’s planned demonstrations come as President Barack Obama is set to meet with civil rights leaders and mayors from across the country, including NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, to examine the “disintegration of trust” between police and the communities they serve.

Last week, a grand jury opted to not indict Wilson in Brown’s death, sparking days of unrest in the city where racial tension, specifically between residents and the police force, has garnered nationwide attention.

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  • mike

    Hands up, don’t shoot. How about Pants up, don’t sag. As I’ve said all along, the grand jury made the right call on this one.

    • Lola

      Yes, and this is why the country is in an uproar. He shot him out of anger and humiliation of being punched in the face after probably speaking to Mike like he was an animal – treat people as such, they will behave as such. You oppress minorities for years, then wonder why things are the way they are. Idiots, everyone !

      • Shelly

        YOU are the idiot. Anyone who goes along with this stupidity is an idiot. Obey the law. It’s really quite simple. I’m so sick if these people crying around everywhere! Rise above and MOVE THE F ON ALREADY.

  • Lara Deans

    Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if this many people protested gang violence in NYC and around the country?? Protested the 100’s of innocents that are shot DAILY by gang related actions? How if we, collectively could PROTEST VIOLENCE in AMERICA? what would THAT DO to cut down on senseless deaths?

  • Bobby Mc

    I am sure all of these trust fund babies or been in academia world all of my life idiots have ever been involved in a situation where they were literally fighting for their lives. Physical evidence does not lie, embellish, or stretch the truth. Based upon physical evidence, Brown did not have his hands up and sure as hell was not surrendering. I am sure that Brown did not intend to take Wilsons gun away so he could bring it to school for show and tell. He was intent of causing Wilson SERIOUS physical injury or death. When faced with that predicament, every citizen has the right to defend themselves in the same manner. I am also sure that none of these trust fund babies or been in the academia world idiots had any idea what living in the Former USSR was like or thye surely would have a better understanding about a “Police State” was really like. In that world, or a real police state they would have been shot dead just for demonstrating as they did today. IDIOTS……

  • Shelly

    These people are so f’n STUPID. They are reacting to a complete lie! Hands up? That was proven a lie. These people just want to be able to do whatever they want without any accountability. The laws are for everyone! Damn STUPID LOSERS.

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