Say it ain’t snow! Thanksgiving eve storm will create travel troubles for tri-state area

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- A strong coastal system will slam the tri-state area with rain, sleet and snow on the busiest travel day of the year.

The storm is expected to move in early Wednesday morning and expected to start as rain in the city.

Areas well north and west of the city could start out as snow. During the middle part of the day, the rain will transition over to sleet or snow and last through the afternoon.  There are still some questions regarding how soon and how far south and east that transition occurs. That will affect the total snow amounts we get.

We may get anywhere from 2 to 4 inches in the city. Lesser amounts are expected along the shore and heaviest amounts in excess of 8 inches in northern Jersey and the Hudson Valley.

It’s important to note this the storm remains unpredictable.

As the storm tapers off in the evening, winds will pick up and it’ll feel frigid, with wind chill readings down into the teens and 20s in many areas.

This will be a very wet snow to shovel. Those who are involved with removing the snow are advised to exercise caution while lifting the heavy snow. Power outages and downed small trees will be possible as a result of the wet snow.

Travel-wise, those living along the coast may beat the changeover initially but whether or not you’re heading north and west, you’ll be driving into snow-covered areas. Areas along the immediate Jersey Shore will be primarily rain.

Breakdown for the city:

4-6am: Rain begins

10am-2pm: Transition to sleet/snow

2pm-7pm: Mainly snow, wind picks up, reduced visibilities

7pm-Midnight: Tapers off as snow or rain.