10 arrested as protesters swarm across NYC in second night of Ferguson demonstrations

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) -- At least 10 arrests were made overnight after thousands of demonstrators converged in Manhattan and Brooklyn for a second round of protests following the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to charge a police officer who killed an unarmed black teen.

Hundreds of protesters marched along the FDR Drive Tuesday evening, closing it to traffic for a while. The eastbound lanes of the Midtown Tunnel were closed momentarily. Protesters also gathered at the Barclays Center and surrounding streets in Prospect Heights. Elsewhere, there were demonstrations in Times Square, the East Village, Wall Street and other pockets around town.

The protesters originally gathered in Union Square Tuesday night before splitting up into several smaller groups, chanting "No justice, no peace." Some held signs reading, "Jail killer cops" and "Justice for Mike Brown."

One group marched uptown to Times Square, meandering through traffic as police followed. Some protesters tried to walk into the Lincoln Tunnel but were blocked by police.

Moments after the decision was announced Monday night, thousands gathered in the same spot, marching up to Times Square and closing the Brooklyn and RFK Bridges.

Despite the amount of protests, and tense moments with police,  just one person -- who allegedly threw red paint on NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton -- was arrested in the first wave of demonstrations.

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  • Dale

    I live in South Jamaica Queens, surrounded by people like this, do you want to live in the same town where a guy goes into a store takes what he wants then assault’s the store owner, well that’s in my neighborhood, this guy had it coming, he was not a good person, now this poor innocent officer has to deal with this shit. how about protesting your own people in your town, tell them to respect the police and don’t back talk them let them do there job. community leaders pull your black teens together tell them to stop or you’ll get shot like Michael Brown. Make the same effort you made to protest 1 white officer who killed 1 black teen, when black teens kill each other by the thousands for stepping on there sneakers, why doesn’t the media point this out, what are they afraid of its the pink elephant in the room, lets get real here!

    • Joel

      You made a great point but then like many heartless others went left. I am married to a NY police officer and understand the dangers of the job. But no individual no matter the color of his/her skin, deserves to be shot, stabbed or killed for being bad, rude or stupid. Being bad does not discriminate. Yes we have black on black crime but that can’t justify or be used as a pass to seriously injure or kill someone. I feel bad for both families. Is the officer lying? Is he a racist? Did he intend to kill Mr brown? Well if I were to say “yes or no” I would be as crazy as all those out there speaking as if they were physically there. You see we don’t know so we can’t make judgement on either individual. You have bad kids both black and white who grew up to be senators, judges, actors, role models etc. I was one of those kids and today I thank God for all that I have I am truly blessed.

  • Mr. M.

    While these young kids some with NYU& other college tee shirts are protesting the grand jury verdicts or system
    while blocking the East River Drive, I am glad that I am not on that drive taking a sick relative
    to Bellevue hospital who would die as we were i unable to
    get her to the ER and then those screaming, at the least ,may as an entire group
    be hopefully charged with manslaughter. Nice!!!
    Caregiver husband nyc

  • Saro Rivera

    Sure, lets hide everyone’s police records, lets have all court hearings take place by simply pulling straws, lets all burn everything down,then say it was just out of anger and not from a bad place, lets ask ourselves what is it the keeps producing people who see so little value in an other persons life that they fail to even see the added lose of their own.


    This is very sad that a young life like Mike brown has been taking away. Lately.over the past 5 to 6 years the police brutality has increased in many states. It’s time to take a stand against this type of abuse. We have so many color and different type of race in office. Important people. Why won’t not 1 of them take a stand with us. Only time that we count is around election time. Other then that. We don’t matter. There is” NOJUSTICE IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM” NO PEACE IF NO JUSTICE.

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