Ferguson takes stock after night of unrest and violence

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FERGUSON, Mo. (PIX11) -- Now that the sun is up and everything is clear, you can see the aftermath.

Boarded up businesses include a Quiznos and a Mexican restaurant called "El Palenque."

There's a lot of frustration over what happened last night. As you look down South Florissant, you can see black businesses destroyed, businesses that have been here for generations that were looted and destroyed.

"El Palenque" is getting boarded up so the only way to enter is through the back.

The owner of the restaurant says she has seen a 70% decrease in her business since the unrest in August.

Last night put her over the edge. She's not sure how much longer she can stay open.

"It took me nine years to get this business up and running. And they destroyed it in a minute."

Members of the National Guard can be seen standing in front of the Ferguson Police Department.

Residents in the area are questioning why it took so long to get the the National Guard to Ferguson -- why weren't they here yesterday? Why weren't they here at night?

The National Guard members are standing out in the daytime, a day after all the looting and destruction crippled much of Ferguson.