‘I just want a home to live in’: seniors allegedly forced out of home

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PARK SLOPE, Brooklyn (PIX11) --  92-year-old Annmarie Mogil came to Brooklyn Supreme Court using a walker and holding the rotten orange she said she was served for breakfast at Prospect park residence, the assisted living facility in the shadow of Grand Army Plaza that's being sold for luxury condos.

Lawyers for the eight residents still remaining claim owner Haysha Deitsch has cut back on services to force the seniors out.

Last Spring, more than 100 seniors were told they had just 90 days to find other places to live.

"I am 92-years-old old and I just want a home to live in," Ms. Mogil told PIX 11.

The seniors' lawyer, Jason Johnson, said their living conditions are deteriorating. He said they are trying to force the owner to re-establish activities, put all the lights back on, maintain heat and hot water.

The owner gave PIX 11 a tour, showing menu, the dining room and the activities still being provided, including just one exercise class on Monday.

PIX 11 visited the eighth floor residence of 90-year-old Alice Singer with sweeping views of Prospect Park  as she explained why she will be among the last to leave.

"I love this view. The view is so beautiful to see the park," Singer said. "I lucked out with this apartment."

The judge decided to rule on the contempt order about living conditions inside Prospect Park Residence in early January, after the holidays.