Manhattan high school teaches ‘What to do if you’re stopped by police’

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EAST VILLAGE (PIX11) -- The New York Civil Liberties Union is conducting two-day training sessions at East Side Community High School, giving each of the 450 students pamphlets titled "What to do if you are stopped by police."

"It's about helping kids understand what they can and cannot do legally and as a matter of reality," Donna Lieberman, executive director of the NYCLU told PIX 11. "They need to know what their rights are," she added.

The pamphlets say that if you are stopped by police stay calm and in control, don't run and don't resist.

Students are also told that they don't have to show ID or consent to searches.

At least one law-enforcement expert reportedly says the pamphlets depict cops as "public enemy number one."

John Jay College Professor Eugene O'Donnell reportedly said "It's unlikely that a high school student would come away with any other conclusion than the police are a fearful group to be avoided at all costs."

And the head of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Pat Lynch said although he hasn't seen the pamphlets,  "we hope it includes information about the hundreds of police officers who have sacrificed their lives to get guns and drugs off our streets."