Man eats whole turkey in 10 minutes during eating competition

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CONNECTICUT (PIX11) -- Joey Chestnut gobbled down a whole turkey at the World Turkey Eating Championship.

Chestnut was among 10 contestants at the eating contest in Foxwoods Connecticut. He ended up eating 9.35 pounds of meat off the bone in only 10 minutes — far surpassing last year's record of 5 pounds.

The turkey eating winner went into the contest with a strategy. Chestnut told CNN he started with the bottom meat and then ate the turkey breasts. He also drank lots of water to help him swallow the food.

"It was incredible. I've never seen nothing like it in my life," one attendee told CNN.

Chestnut took home $5,000 for his competitive eating skills. The rest of the contestants split another $5,000 equally.