Ferguson appears calm ahead of grand jury decision in Michael Brown case

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FERGUSON, Mo. (PIX11) -- Ferguson appeared much calmer Sunday compared to three months ago.

Even so, the community is still obviously bruised and battered from riots that were a result of Michael Brown's death by Officer Darren Wilson in August. Several businesses are still boarded up from the damage sustained over the summer.

There have been small protests over the last several nights, as the city braces for a grand jury decision on Wilson's indictment. Protesters can be seen blocking traffic and disobeying police orders before officers move in to make arrests.

Several residents feel on edge out of fear of what might happen after the grand jury makes their decision. Some even believe there is a 50/50 chance for violence to break out regardless of the jury's decision.

"If any person loses life, we all lose. Everybody's child should be able to go home after this," one woman said.

Another Ferguson resident hopes everyone will have patience and try to understand what is happening before throwing additional riots.

"You can't bring that young man back," he said.

The grand jury is set to resume deliberation Monday.