Farewell metrosexuals — the rugged, bearded ‘Lumbersexual’ movement has begun

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NEW YORK (PIX11) – The egocentric life form known as the metrosexual appears to be finally dissolving away.

As the not-so manly manicures, over-the-top manscaping and obnoxious skinny jeans that define the trend take the backseat, the lumbersexual movement has begun.

What’s a lumbersexual you ask? According to Cosmopolitan, he’s the rugged, unkempt manly man who is one with nature.

Facial hair is a must. Outdoor clothing: he’s doing it. Being self-sufficient: he’s all about it.

The trend is fueled by a cultural shift toward environmentalism, insists GearJunkie.com, the site credited with coining the trend.

It goes against the grain of clean-cut while embracing a more woodsy, all naturel style.

The ladies seem to be mixed in their reviews.

“I really like it,” New Yorker Jenn Linzilli told PIX11 News. “It’s very manly and see why women like it. It’s tough-looking.”

Meanwhile, Sophie Zagato doesn’t seem to be sold on the trend.

“We don’t have any sort of trend like that,” the native of Switzerland said. “We are very close with nature but big, long beards isn’t something we do. I don’t understand it.”

As to whether or not the age of lumbersexual will have any longevity is unclear.

However if the Brawny Man from the iconic 90’s ad campaign taught us anything -- a real man hangs out in the woods.

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