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Subway rider talks about knife attack and asks fellow riders to pay attention

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Joe Lozito is a regular rider of the 3 train. It's his ride to work. He has a favorite seat

On February 12, 2011, he got on the train at 34th St-Penn Station. Lozito prefers the first car.

As the train headed to Times Square, he noticed a man knocking on the train operator's door.

He did not know that man was the suspect who was wanted in a citywide manhunt after 4 people were killed in Brooklyn.

NYPD officers were watching the subway because the suspect was rumored to be hiding on trains. There were officers on the train. Lozito was stabbed in the head as he fought off the suspect.

Each act of violence on the subway reminds him of what happened and what can happen.

Lozito wrote a book about his experiences.

Joe Lozito takes the 3 train every day after wrestling to the ground a man with a knife in 2011.

Joe Lozito takes the 3 train every day (even after wrestling with a man with a knife).


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  • Priscilla

    Who wrote this article??? Story line isn’t even provided in detail. The suspect was knocking on train operator’s door, the cops were watching? Then the victim is stabbed in the head.

    Someone else should have wrote this story. Bad look pix11.

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