SEE IT: Hard-working single mom’s beautiful reaction to life-changing ‘prank’

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (PIX11) – Single mother Cara Simmons works hard to make ends meet for her three kids.

Simmons works as a housekeeper and devotes all of her time to her job and family. She does not usually enjoy days off and has been in and out of the hospital for exhaustion multiple times.

“She cares about us very, very much,” one of her daughters said.

“Not just us, but like anybody. If anybody needed something, she’ll be there,” another daughter said.

When heard Simmons’ story from her sister and boss, they decided to pay it forward to the deserving mom with a “prank.” They told her boss, Mary Jo, to send Simmons to the home of a “very important client,” who actually works for the website.

Upon entering the home, Simmons is told the house is already clean. The “client” brings her to the kitchen, where Executive Chef Manny Slomovits, greets her.

Simmons is asked to taste test Slomovits’ cooking in preparation for a party at the end of the day. The hardworking mom ends up indulging in lobster from South Africa, edible gold, white truffle, Kobe steak and an array of desserts.

Afterwards she is given a massage by two men who said they needed to warm up their hands so they won’t get cramps during the party later on.

When the massage is over, the client tells Simmons she needs to get rid of some clothing. She tells the woman to try on and keep whatever fits her, which ends up being everything because they were handpicked by her sister.

At the end of the day, Simmons helps unpack personal belongings from a man disguised as a mover. She quickly notices all of the boxes are filled with her own belongings.

After moments of confusion, she is greeted by her children and the prank is finally revealed. But the last surprise comes as a shock to the entire family.

Greg Benson, host of Prank it Forward, tells the family the house Simmons spent her day in is theirs.

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