New Barclays Center app lets fans buy grub with smartphones

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- There's always something going on at the Barclays Center. Whether it's a sporting event or mega concert, it's always buzzing in Brooklyn.

Just on Wednesday, the Brooklyn Nets faced off with the Milwaukee Bucks. What made this event so special was that it's the first of many where fans have the option of using a new app called eWallet.

In a partnership with American Express, eWallet promises to make the concession stand experience easier and stress-free at the Barclays Center with just a few taps and clicks on your smartphone.

From tasty finger food to meat-filled masterpieces, the food options at the Barclays Center showcases the very best of what Brooklyn has to offer.

That's why an app like eWallet makes perfect sense when hitting the concession stand, allowing fans to spend less time on line and more time watching the main event.

Using your smart phone, users can download the Brooklyn Nets app which is available on both iPhone and android.

Select the drop down menu to gain access to the Brooklyn eWallet. After scanning your preferred American Express card, add your card information and the only thing left to do is order some grub.

To learn more about how e-wallet works visit the Barclays Center website.