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Kevin Darden ‘is not a monster’ according to accused subway pusher’s public defender

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THE BRONX (PIX11) -- The man accused of shoving a man to his death off a Bronx subway platform Sunday is being held without bail.

Kevin Darden, 34, was arraigned before a judge in Bronx Criminal Court Wednesday evening.

Darden did not enter a plea.

"I'd like to take this moment just to remind everyone that Kevin Darden is a human being. He is not a monster" Darden's public defender said.

Cops say the ex-con with a lengthy rap shoved 61-year-old Wai Kuen Kwok into the path of a speeding southbound D train, killing him.

“I can’t erase it from my mind. The perpetrator knew exactly what he was going to do, and what he was doing,” said train operator James Muriel.

Darden is also believed to have pushed a 51-year-old man to the ground at the West 4th Street station on Nov. 6.

The suspect spent nearly four years in prison for first degree robbery after he held a person at knife point along Main Street in Queens in 1999.

During the Nov. 18, 2003, hearing at the Watertown Correctional Facility, Darden — going by his alias "Darlyn" –  told officials, “I have several job openings. One is in the morgue. That’s a sure fire thing.”

He was then asked by a parole official, “You’ve got a sure fire job in the morgue?”

Darden responded, “In the morgue. I’m scared to death.”

At one point Darden talks about how he wanted to go home physically, but mentally and emotionally he wasn’t ready.

“There’s a lot of things that I had to work out within myself,” he said.

He was then asked if he had worked them out.

A candid Darden offered said, “Yeah. But I still have a ways to go emotionally.”

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