Social media reacts to ‘F’ train subway slap with video remixes, memes

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MANHATTAN (PIX11) -- It has been dubbed "the slap heard 'round the world."

YouTube video showing a man slapping a young woman who had attacked him with her stiletto as they rode the 'F' train early Saturday morning took over the Internet this week, spawning heated discussion -- and memes.

Jorge Pena, who was sporting his now infamous 8-ball leather jacket when he was verbally and physically attacked by Danay Howard, is remorseful for the slap, and says he doesn't want to be known as "that guy."

"I love my jacket," Pena said tearfully at a news  conference. "I cannot wear this jacket anymore."

But that hasn't stopped people from cheering for Pena in the street, and creating countless memes and videos in his support.

Pena spent 4 days in jail and was charged with assault after the brawl. The charges were later dismissed.

As for Howard, she has been charged with felony assault.

Pena says that he wants to apologize to Howard and that he has never hit a woman before.

“That’s not me, I’m not that guy,” he said. “She gave me no choice.”



  • ZoeyDebra (@zoeydebra)

    She (Danay Howard )got what she deserve and yet I feel really bad for this man (Pena) who could have killed her and I am angry at the justice system for the way they handled the situation. He is a true gentlemen. The girl had major anger/self esteem issues and hand problems like singer Chris Brown & should be put in a room with ex football player wife beater Ray Rice to see who will win the ultimate Fight of the Century! That will be something!

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