Man suing city after being wrongfully arrested for robbery, assault

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Ronald Pruitt showed PIX11 how he assumed the position and followed orders when police arrested him about three weeks ago.

He is no stranger to police contact but this time he says police had the wrong man.

Pruitt said, "They had guns drawn and told me to get down. I had fit the description of 6'2" black man and that could have been anyone."

According to Pruitt's court records, he was arrested and charged with robbery and assault. Problem is, the victim in the case did not identify him as a suspect.

But Pruttis says police still held him for an extended period of time for no reason.

"They did not give me water, no Miranda Rights, they had no evidence nothing, they just was trying to find something to get me on," Pruitt said.

Pruitt admits he understands the process and that police have a job to do, but he believes at least two arrests on his record should not have happened so he filed a lawsuit against the city.

Pruitt's attorney Kenneth Jones said, "Police must have probable cause to arrest someone, the description is vague it could have been me. Clearly his rights were violated so we filed on one and are getting ready to file on the other."

It is police procedure to make sure a suspect is clear of any warrants or is not connected to recent crime before being released. What is confusing in Pruitt's case is a judge decided to hold him and set bail to give prosecutors more time to gather evidence. Once that did not happen, all charges against Pruitt were dismissed.

Put his problems did not stop there.

Pruitt's car was release as evidence, at the request of the Brooklyn District Attorney's office, but not the more than $2,000 he had on his person -- even though that money has been cleared as well.

Pruitt believes it's just caught up in red tape.