Shaking the salt habit

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NEW YORK (PIX11)-- We're getting the whole truth about salt from weight loss dietician Dr. Howard Shapiro who'll share some info to help us figure out if we need to shake out salt habit.

Too much salt can cause hypertension which can lead to the possibility of a stroke or congestive heart failure or edema (fluid retention).
Recommended daily serving of sodium is 2,000 mg .
Be aware of labels that say “salt free” you have to consider that it may contain soy sauce or MSG which are high in sodium.

Large biscuit – 1300 mg of sodium
1 can cream of mushroom soup – 2500 mg of sodium
Plain cheese pizza (2) large slices – 1800 mg of sodium
Chicken Chow Mein – 1780 mg of sodium
Sauerkraut 1 cup - 1700 mg of sodium
Large dill pickle – 1928 mg of sodium
1 tablespoon of ketchup – 200mg of sodium
Frankfurter with roll – 850 mg of sodium
1 bouillon cube – 960 mg of sodium
1 level tablespoon of baking soda – 1,000 mg of sodium
1 level tablespoon of salt (sodium chloride ) – 2300 mg of sodium